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  • PE


Across the school we teach physical education to encourage a life-long participation in sport and fitness and raise awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The following core concepts underpin the teaching of physical education:

  • Physical development
  • Emotional development
  • Social development
  • Cognitive growth

We follow a broad and balanced physical education curriculum which underpins the key learning intentions of the wider curriculum. Our long-term vision is to provide high-quality teaching across the school so that every child can find enjoyment and a life-long appreciation of health and fitness. We seek to inspire our students through exposure to a vast variety of physical activities, developing personal drive and supporting future sporting achievements. Our physical education curriculum is designed for pupil engagement and satisfaction whilst stimulating skills transferrable to the rest of our curriculum; physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth. We aim to supplement our curriculum teaching through extra-curricular provision and participation in both inter and intra school events.

We use a variety of resources to support teacher knowledge and improve lessons:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum developed by skilled teachers.
  • Specialist coaching and instruction from experienced practitioners.
  • Targeted assessment tracking systems.