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  • Humanities


At Clare Community Primary School the Humanities (History and Geography) Area of Learning and Experience seeks to awaken a sense of wonder, fire the imagination and inspire learners to grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This area also encourages learners to engage with the most important issues facing humanity, including sustainability and social change, and help to develop the skills necessary to interpret and articulate the past and the present.

In Clare Community Primary School learners will be taught new skills, have support to practise and then be given opportunities to independently apply their knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of contexts. We strive to bring the subjects to life by applying the children’s skills and learning to real life issues taking place at the time of learning, for example Year 6 writing to Sir David Attenborough about the pollution caused by plastics and receiving a personal reply and Year 1 and 2 creating their own museum of artefacts from past to present.

Trips are also a very important part of enhancing the children’s learning and understanding, from dressing up as a Tudor and going back in time to Kentwell Hall in Year 5 to visiting the ‘Scott Polar Research Institute’ Cambridge in Year 3, which is a centre of excellence in the study of the Arctic and Antarctic.