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Clare Community Primary School


  • Maths

At Clare Community Primary School, our aim is for all children to enjoy mathematics and have a secure and deep understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and procedures when they leave us to go to secondary school.  Children are encouraged to become enthusiastic mathematicians by developing their skills, knowledge and understanding through practical experiences which have relevance and purpose in everyday situations. 

It is essential that children develop their numeracy skills in order to become lifelong learners; they should be able to apply their fluency, problem-solving and reasoning skills in different situations across the curriculum and in daily life outside school.  Pupils are taught strategies to develop and strengthen their mental agility on a daily basis, through a variety of age and ability-appropriate activities, discrete from Maths lessons, such as Maths Minutes, Maths Meetings, Super Movers, the Rising Stars SHINE Intervention programme, Numberbots and Times Tables Rock Stars.  Lessons are personalised to challenge learners of different abilities: differentiated group work, independent work, working in pairs, and as a whole class. 

We believe a strong mathematics curriculum should involve taking the most effective elements of a Mastery approach to mathematics (such as the ‘Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract’ approach to support conceptual understanding), and combine them with good practice of challenging and supporting every child at their own level of knowledge and understanding. The rationale behind our approach to teaching mathematics lies within the NCETM Maths Hub Programme as well as the 2014 National Curriculum.