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  • Art and Design

    Art and Design

Art and Design stimulates creativity and imagination. It provides a special way of understanding and responding to the world as well as visual, tactile and sensory experiences.  At Clare CPS we firmly believe that every child is an artist and embed art and design across the curriculum. Artwork is celebrated through wall displays and, of course, our annual Art Exhibition. Homework tasks provide opportunities for children to be creative and children take great pride in sharing their homework tasks with the school. Across the school children learn about a variety of genres, styles and artists, including local artists. Children are given the opportunity to try the techniques and styles of professionals as well as having the freedom to create their own.

In Key Stage 1 art lessons are generally themed to fit within termly topics and provide a unique way of developing an understanding of a topic. Children are introduced to variety of techniques, equipment and skills which they are able to experiment with and explore. In Key Stage 2 children refine skills and techniques and begin to develop their own style. Art lessons are taught more discreetly and there is an emphasis on improving and honing skills within an environment and curriculum in which every child can achieve.