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Rising Stars Whole School Spelling Scheme

At Clare Community Primary School, we use the Rising Stars Spelling Scheme. The Rising Stars Spelling Scheme is a lively, flexible programme to helps teachers teach spelling in a fun and imaginative way across the school. The scheme helps pupils progress from phonics and build on knowledge, year on year. Pupils are taught spellings by rules, rather than just lists of words, and learning spellings is made fun by learning through varied activities and exploring spellings in context. Children have extra practice in Year 2 and Year 6 in preparation for SATs. 

Children are expected to support their learning in school with further practice at home. (For example, splitting spelling overviews by week and using them as book marks is a good way to ensure children are practicing their spellings regularly, alongside their reading.) 

Spelling overviews for each year group can be found using the below links.