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  • Home Reading Scheme

    Home Reading Scheme

At Clare Community Primary School, children in EYFS and Keys Stage 1 read books matched to their phonic ability and these include titles from a range of publishers including Oxford and Schofiled and Simms.  

Key stage 2 pupils, as well as Year 2 pupils who have transitioned from phonetically matched books, use an online programme called 'Accelerated Reader' to support their reading. We have used the programme for a number of years, and it has been successful in motivating many children to read more, developing reading skills and raising standards in literacy. Accelerated Reader also enables teachers to monitor what children are reading more easily. Accelerated Reader books are just ‘normal’ books, but an online quiz has been devised to assess understanding when children have finished reading their books.  

Pupils in EYFS and Key Stage 1 are encouraged to read at home daily and they work towards earning a bronze certificate for 25 reads, a silver certificate and small prize for 50 reads and a book voucher and certificate for 100 reads.  

Pupils reading Accelerated reader books work towards earning certificates for the number of words read. Children who become a ‘Word Millionaire’ also receive a book voucher.  

To support this and to encourage pupils to explore a wide range of texts, each year group also has a recommended reading list of twenty-five titles, which have been chosen specifically to support children’s reading for that age group. With a range of literature, including picture books, poetry, fiction and non-fiction, the aim is to introduce pupils to further authors and books that they may not have previously chosen and, consequently, enrich and develop their reading. Children aim to complete their reading list for their year group and in turn they receive a certificate in Celebration Assembly for every five they tick off on a bingo-style sheet. They then go on to become a ‘Literacy Ambassador’ and receive a pin badge if they complete all twenty-five titles or become a ‘Word Millionaire’ that year.  

Please click the links below to see the recommended reading list for each year group. 


Take an interest in what your child is reading and encourage him or her to read, both fiction and non-fiction books. Try to have books and magazines around the house, visit the local library and show your child how to access eBooks. Talk about books you have read, authors you have enjoyed and NEVER stop reading to your child, regardless of their age! Listening to others reading aloud encourages children to read with fluency and expression themselves. 

Children should be encouraged to read independently for approximately 10-30 minutes every day on average. Discuss what your child has read, and ask him or her to reflect on the material, character, plot, events etc. Use a dictionary to find the meaning of any new or difficult words. 

Remember that reading is an ongoing and integral part of your child’s home learning.