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Clare Community Primary School


  • RE

At Clare Community Primary School we aim to use a multi-sensory, cross curricular approach to bring RE to life, through stories, art, cooking, music, dance, drama, artefacts, outside visits and visitors to the school.  Regular field trips include a trip to a Hindu temple, and all year groups visit both the Baptist and Anglican churches every term.  Class and whole-school assemblies can take a religious angle and often explore issues through performance and literacy.  Our curriculum encourages children to ask questions and explore issues with empathy and sensitivity.

The school takes part in events linked to the local churches including Harvest festivals, Christmas celebrations and inviting in the Open the Book group to act out stories from the Bible, alongside finding out and learning about customs and festivals from other religions and faith.  Our older pupils are encouraged to find new ways to retell and explore familiar stories, and younger children investigate rituals and ceremonies using props and play.